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Your adventure is waiting for you.

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Have you ever gone in search of adventures, or wondered just when it will be that you will stumble upon that magical world of quests and missions and treasure hunts?

If the idea of playing 636 games you have never played before, having a go at the things you’ve always wanted to be able to do, and laughing so much your face aches don’t sound like the worst thing in the world, please do keep reading.

What if you were to be told that all of this can happen, in a place where parents aren’t allowed, where the food is incredible, and where you will make more new friends in one week than you have done all year?

My daughters had such a brilliant time at Superweeks that they cannot wait to go back. We had never done anything like this before and I was apprehensive about leaving them at first. However, when I went to pick them up they were brimming with stories of the adventures they had had, friends they had met and new experiences enjoyed. Superweeks was a safe space for them to grow and develop confidence. It had a really profound effect on them and I am so pleased to have found this opportunity for them to spread their wings in a beautiful nurturing environment. Thank you ATE!
Melissa Corkhill, Editor of Green Parent Magazine, June 2013.

Every single summer we put together week-long holidays for people just like you. A week where we make sure you have a lot of fun, play a lot of games, be a bit silly, and get to be really quite adventurous; a holiday like no other you’ve ever been on.

We have been running these holidays for 50 years, and we have so many different activities and brilliant things to do that we’ve never run the same one twice.

Please do explore our website and find out all about us. And if you have any questions at all, please do email us or give us a call – we could talk about Superweeks all day.

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